Sunday, July 6, 2014

AO* Search Procedure

1. Place the start node on open.

2. Using the search tree, compute the most promising solution tree TP .

3. Select node n that is both on open and a part of tp, remove n from open and place it no closed.

4. If n is a goal node, label n as solved. If the start node is solved, exit with success where tp is the solution tree, remove all nodes from open with a solved ancestor.

5. If n is not solvable node, label n as unsolvable. If the start node is labeled as unsolvable, exit with failure. Remove all nodes from open ,with unsolvable ancestors.

6. Otherwise, expand node n generating all of its successor compute the cost of for each newly generated node and place all such nodes on open.

7. Go back to step(2)

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