Sunday, October 18, 2015

Set up MATLAB and Simulink support package for Raspberry Pi

Select the installation option. There are two ways to do this:
  • Either in the Command window of MATLAB, type supportPackageInstaller 
  • Or you can choose on the MATLAB menu item, "Get Hardware Support Packages".

Start Support Package Installer
Click on Get Hardware Support Packages in the drop down menu to start the installer. Select 'Install from Internet' as the source for installing the support package.

Select Raspberry Pi from a list of support packages
Click Next to see a list of support packages and select Raspberry Pi from the list to install both the support packages at once. Hold SHIFT to choose two options.
MathWorks Account
Click next and log in to your MathWorks account. 

Continue and Complete the Installation
Accept the license agreement on the next screen and click Next through the following screens to finish the installation of both MATLAB and Simulink Support Package for Raspberry Pi. 

Firmware Update
Click Next and on the Firmware Update page select the appropriate board .

Configure Network
Click Next and in the configure network screen, select Direct connection to host computer. The picture in the MATLAB window shows the network configuration later used, so don't connect Raspberry Pi to your PC at this time.

Select the drive
In the next window 'Select a drive', the MicroSD cards that are detected by MATLAB will show up in a list format.
If the MicroSD memory card does not get detected by MATLAB, but is detected by the OS - close MATLAB and restart MATLAB as an administrator. To continue with the process, the targetupdatercommand can be used in MATLAB.

Write firmware
In the next window, select write option to erase existing items on the memory card and flash the latest firmware that is needed by the Support package.