Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Java JDK Tools

There are many tools available as default with the JDK bundle. here are some of the tools from them.
  1. java - To launch Java applications.
  2. javac - To compile Java source files to binary class files.
  3. javadoc - To generate API documentation out of Java source files.
  4. jcmd - To send diagnostic command requests to a Java JVM. When we run jcmd without arguments it lists the JVM processes that are running at the moment. jcmd -h shows help and usage information for jcmd. jcmd -l lists Java processes and their respective pids. You can run jcmd <pid> help to see which commands jcmd supports. For example jcmd support managing and monitoring garbage collection by running jcmd <pid> GC.run
  5. jconsole - GUI tool to monitor a Java application running in a JVM.
  6. jmc - To monitor, analyze and debug Java applications. It is used to launch the Java Mission Control tool.

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