Friday, May 13, 2016

Axis2, Tomcat and Eclipse setup

Download Axis 2 WAR Distribution :

Find latest WAR Distribution and download it here 

Install WAR to Tomcat Server :

Extract WAR Distribution ZIP contents and Copy axis2.war to the webapps directory of your Tomcat installation.

Start Eclipse :

Navigate to Server view and start Tomcat,

In a browser navigate to http://localhost:8080/axis2,
Click Validate link – validation report shouldn’t contain any errors.

If any error comes,
Here is how I did it :

  1. Right click on my tomcat server in "Servers" view, select "Properties…"
  2. In the "General" panel, click on the "Switch Location" button
  3. The "Location: [workspace metadata]" bit should have been replaced by something else.
  4. Open (or close and reopen) the Overview screen for the server.

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