Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Install Pi OS Using NOOBS

First we will see Using NOOBS,
  •  Format an SD card 
  •  Download NOOBS for free and Extract the files from the zip
  •  Copy the extracted files onto the SD card. So, these files are at the root directory of the SD card. While  extracting if extracted files are in folder, then copy across the files from inside the folder.
  • After that, safely remove the SD card and insert it into your Raspberry Pi.

On first boot 

  •   Plug in your keyboard, mouse and monitor cables.
  •  Plug in the USB power cable to your Pi.  
  •  Raspberry Pi will boot, then display list of different operating systems (Raspbian, Pidora, OpenELEC, OSMC, RISC OS, Arch Linux). Select one of OS and click on Install.
  •  OS will then run through its installation process.
  •  When the install process has completed, the Raspberry Pi configuration menu (raspi-config) will load. There you are able to set the time and date.  

To format SD card

  •  SD Formatter 4.0 for either Windows or Mac.
  •  Install the software.
  •  Insert your SD card into the laptop’s SD card reader and make a note of the drive letter allocated to it, e.g. G:/
  •  In SD Formatter, select the drive letter for your SD card and format it.

Logging in and Accessing the graphical user interface

The default username for Raspbian is “pi” (without any quotation marks) and the default password is “raspberry” (again, do not include the quotation marks). If this does not work, check the information about your specific distro on the download page.

To load the graphical user interface type "startx".

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